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While a large set of consumers understand English, they are most likely to connect better if the message is in their first language.


VMC Anuvaad (Formerly known as VMC) creatively adapts and transcreates advertising and marketing assets for brands and agencies in India, UK, USA, Middle East and Singapore.

Our in-market creative experts and copywriters are based in prominent pockets across India. This lends us an enriching advantage to understand local sensitivities and colloquialisms of a specific region.

Our round-the clock responsive project managers, fully loaded artwork adaptation & VO production team, supported with over 8 years of experience and expertise in Indian languages, help us understand market specific cultural limitations and linguistic barriers, more than anyone in the industry.


We provide Content, Transcreation, Adaptation, Typesetting, In-Market Cultural Consultations and Audio Production services for global and local brands / agencies, based in and out of India.

TRANSCREATION AND ADAPTATION Transcreation and Adaptation

Also known as Localisation, Translation is as big as it can get in India.

VMC Anuvaad has been adapting and transcreating ideas, advertising copy, market research stimulus boards, tvcs, print & digital assets for over 8 successful years. Our process includes thorough consultation with market specific copywriters and research agencies that derive unbiased opinions and unadulterated information for us. This also helps us identify areas where we really need to tweak the message to make it colloquial and understandable for local audiences. Every project is treated with utmost confidentiality and follows a step by step process. Our writers are well trained in this process and deliver you documents that have mandates like English Back Translations (EBTs) backed with Rationales and Comments for extreme clarity on the Translation / Transcreation. The final document is then checked by the copywriter and additionally a qualified proof checker to maintain high levels of quality control on the final document that is being sent to the client.

All the transcreated documents are either assisted with fonts or sent in a PDF form, which makes viewing and reading the final document a seamless process.


Use our cultural filter to research your creative concepts.

Our region-based research consultants and in-market copywriters give you their unbiased opinions and culturally acceptable solutions that help you understand the strength of your creative for a certain market and let you decide the efficacy, penetration and colloquialism of your brand.

You may run a quick and thorough check on factors such as cultural relevance, local sensitivities, colloquialism of language, design and the overall approach. Several agencies in India and internationally have partnered with VMC Anuvaad to test their ideas, campaigns, brand names for local markets in India to gain accurate and positive results.


Our copywriters are known to craft hard hitting provocative content that is influenced by key factors, like whom is it speaking to, brand tone, desired brand perception, objective of the communication, media tool, amongst others. Our copywriting folio in print ensembles a large spectrum of communication that covers brochures, press releases, press articles, advertising campaigns, fashion articles, and perhaps any media that includes the written word.


Dealing with Indian fonts and voices can be a tricky affair. But not when you are getting it done with VMC Anuvaad. Our in-house design and artwork setting team manufactures multi-lingual assets by the dozen everyday.


VMC Anuvaad also provides Voice Over production services in over 15 Indian languages with a bank of over 150 VO talents from different age groups, genders and languages. We also provide studio support, talent support, language supervisors, voice over directors on a standalone basis, with an excellent rate structure.



Advertising happened to Vikram Manghnani during a fifteen-minute rendezvous with a book on branding that convinced him that he had found what he was looking for. Ditching the engineering route, Vikram has spent 10 grueling years in advertising, and spearheaded the localization division as the next apparent step. From his viewpoint global brands are going native. Local talents are going global. And location is increasingly becoming unimportant. Deserving market-specific copywriters are adapting key brand promises to prevent multi-lingual global campaigns from suffering the cultural burn. And technology is what is making all this happen. India as a country being at the helm of diversity, multi lingual challenges and advantages stands to gain most from this linguistic Kaleidoscope. Vikram Manghnani has a practical, flexible and result-oriented approach for every brand under VMC. When drained, Vikram submits himself to road trips across India.

With love for words from a young age, Lamiya dabbled in to freelance projects with ease. Once partnered with friend, colleague and now better half, Vikram Manghnani, she set out to head operations at VMC Anuvaad, watch it grow dynamically in the content industry and now seeks its undaunted growth in the mushrooming and opportunistic arena. She believes that emerging markets such as India have moved beyond conventional media and localization has emerged as a more obvious medium of personalized communication in various forms. Localization and adaptation being the buzzwords of new media have crossed maps and mindsets to create global campaigns and relevant product dossiers for the local consumer. For her it’s all about spirit and how you make it perform to your advantage. The right spirit towards change, towards work processes and towards innovation transpires new ideas and newer episodes. On a lighter note, Lamiya loves watching cartoon channels.

  • "VMC isn’t just a vendor for me but a partner in making a campaign a success. They go beyond the call of duty to assist me in all my client deliverables. The most critical factor that makes me choose VMC every time for a project is their timeliness, they always deliver before the committed time. I wish VMC reaches all zeniths of excellence. Cheers.".

    "Kriti Arneja - An agency partner".

  • "We've been working with VMC on quite a few projects. It's a pleasure working with Vikram & Lamiya as they're very professional and accommodating, especially when a very last minute brief comes. I know I can trust them to manage the jobs even though I might be located in a totally different country.".

    "Nathaniel Chew - Audio Producer, Hogarth Worldwide Pte Ltd".

  • "Lamiya is really professional advertising specialist, she's not only careful and task-oriented, but also really reliable. She's my top choice if I'd like to do any cultural consultation campaign in India.".

    "Freelance Brand Guardian | Transcreation Professional | Cultural Consultant (China market)".


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We are very keen to work with region-based writers from all over India to expand our transcreation and localisation team. If you think you have expertise in any Indian regional language, we would be happy to hear from you.