A good film is incomplete without its acoustic finesses being in place.

While delivering good copy keeps us busy, there are some add ones that are vital to make a creative work.

VMC provides able talent for Voice Over direction in over 15 Indian languages that make sure the final product is crisp, clear and pertinent. Being trained in all aspects of superior VO direction our talents understand tonalities, its language sensibilities in each market and how useful each expression can be for the end consumers.


VMC does not follow a half baked methodology. All the niceties in the capacity are adhered to ensure a great recording. The script and all reference material is thoroughly researched and read. After which, VMC also encourages and insists on the involvement of the lingual copywriter during the recording to make sure every word, every pronunciation and every meaning is accurately recorded.

If the film is created by one of the empanelled VMC writers, the start to finish process including studio bookings will be taken care of by VMC. Alternatively, if the film is sent directly by the client, our team ensures a thorough research as well as timing of the script to ensure a systematic VO recording.

During the process, clients are provided with options to choose from in order to strike the balance between the language tonality, resonance and the requisitions of the brand.

In absence of the client being physically present, a detailed minutes of the VO is sent to him/her for approval to ensure stringent QC policy that adheres to the protocols of the recording processes.

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