Time has come for local talents to go Global.

Now we don’t just write. We transcreate and localise as well. All thanks to the gaining popularity and accessibility of new technologies that are creating new verticals in copywriting.

Global brands are going native. Local talents are going global. And location is increasingly becoming unimportant. Deserving market-specific copywriters are adapting key brand promises to prevent multi-lingual global campaigns from suffering the cultural burn. And technology is what is making all this happen.

Old business models are being reset. New are being invented. And copywriters who are adapting to the rapidly changing face of technology are doing brilliant. Without doubt, the call of the day is to reload talent with the right mix of technology. And break the mould of being confined to local proximities or work spaces. It’s time for local to go global!


Turning down a chance to pursue every individual’s dream educational experience by clearing IIT-JEE, Vikram Manghnani modestly chose to do B. COM after a two-year academic hibernation.

Reason: Engineering failed to excite him anymore.

Advertising happened to him during a fifteen-minute rendezvous with a book on advertising that convinced him what he was looking for. And vice versa.

After 7 grueling years in advertising, and having hands on experience in virtually every process of advertising, Vikram Manghnani has a practical, flexible and result-oriented approach for every brand under VMC.

When drained, Vikram likes to sneak out and take road trips across India.

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