Good content will always stay in demand!

The need for good content is evident. Across all media tools, good content has market and campaign driving capabilities that effectively advantage a brand. Moreover its potent concoction with saleable and intelligent art creates a platform for consumers to experience a good marketing mix.

Moving beyond conventional vehicles, content has emerged as a dependable medium of communication in various forms. Localisation and adaptation being the buzzwords of new media have crossed maps and mindsets to create global campaigns and relevant product dossiers for the local consumer.

We at VMC believe that good content is the one that evokes response and reaction. For it to be saleable, it needs to be timely too. This combination penetrated over a planned strategy calendar leads to a better creative.


With love for words from a young age, Lamiya dabbled in to freelance projects with ease. It was her interest that led her to do her Post Graduation in Advertising with a Major in Copywriting. She did work in a few ad agencies to gain initial exposure and experience. But being an avid freelancer, she always knew that an entrepreneurial venture was in the offing soon.

Once partnered with friend, colleague and now better half, Vikram Manghnani, she set out to head operations at VMC, watch it grow dynamically in the content industry and now seeks its undaunted growth in the mushrooming and opportunistic arena.

For her it’s all about spirit and how you make it perform to your advantage. The right spirit towards change, towards work processes and towards innovation transpires new ideas and newer episodes.

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