why vmc?

When your Copywriters are on leave or your agency is burdened with lucrative Copy work, come to VMC.


We at VMC understand the convenience and need for a full time in-house Copywriter. And we do believe that substituting him or her is nonsensical. Which explains that we are not here to compete with your in-house Copy capabilities. But to support and strengthen them.

Our services in Copywriting are meant for those who need a surge in Copy-based assignments when their Copywriters are on leave or the agency is burdened with lucrative Copy work that needs immediate attention. And delivery.


From the first assignment, VMC assigns you a dedicated COPY MANAGER who becomes a one-point contact for all your needs in Copywriting. The Copy Manager also helps you corner the most suitable product pack in case there are doubts on which suits your requirement the most. Pertinently, our value proposition is not to replace your Copywriter, but to help you amplify your deliverables of high quality Copywriting for your valuable clients.

The carefully created product packs present you with an array of options that allows you the convenience and freedom of subletting Copywriting assignments that can either be a one-time project to a part time, full time or a retainer contract.

We hope you find what you need to make your Copywriting capabilities stronger than before.

Do not hesitate to call us on 022 22001778 or 022 6590 5901 to discuss more!

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